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Marketing Tips for Online Business, Tip to Look out For

Kampanjat Online did a research and found the best online marketing tips and trick. Six trends of online marketing for dummies that prove to be the most effective in 2018. As every year, digital marketing is reinventing itself. At the beginning of the year 2018, we will in this post a non-exhaustive list of 6 digital marketing trends that will be effective in 2018.

The Competitiveness of Online Advertising

Yes, this is not what everyone wants to hear, but as more companies to join the world of digital including digitalization, the competition will increase the price per click and increase the time spent to classify your company highly in the Search.

In March 2017, Facebook said that they now have more active 3 million companies who advertise on Facebook. As consumers turn to the internet for each action, more and more companies will turn to online marketing to reach their audience in 2018.

How to Plan in this Case of Marketing

It must Nestle all just your audience down to make sure that you only pay for people who are more likely to use your product or service. The dissemination of a wider network with online ads generally results from low advertising scores, which increases costs.

Plan to complete Google and social networks with lesser-known networks of display and niche blogs. They generally have fewer advertisers and are cheaper to promote your business. I you advise doing some research when you choose niche blogs and networks of display less known to make sure that they have quality traffic, and not bots or poor quality visits.

2. the Present Hearings

If a company, for example, makes 5 million dollars in 2017, but only $ 4.9 million in 2018, administrators are fired, and its stock price plunges unforgivable amount. A trend that I believe that we will see in 2018 brands targeting audiences of gifts.

What does a public gift?

This is someone who is not your ideal client but has a friend, a colleague or a family member who is a perfect market. For example, my father would not be paying for himself, but he would buy it for her nephew.

Audiences of gifts will allow brands to target new customer segments, thereby increasing their sales. Facebook already offers advertisers the ability to target users who have friends with upcoming birthdays.

How to plan

Can your product or service be purchased as a gift? Plan to target professionals, parents, and grandparents to see if audiences of gifts are a viable channel to increase sales.
Tip: I usually avoid targeting audiences of gifts for users of the college or University, as many of them will follow a full teaching time and don’t have the disposable income to buy gifts for others.

3. Everyone Will Become Customer Experience Oriented

Yes, the customer experience will begin to become more important than what you are selling and the price of it. No, really!

A study of Walker concluded that by 2020, companies believe that the experience they offer will be even more important than the product and the price.

At rush hour, Uber can cost up to 4 times more than a regular taxi, but people still use them. What for? The answer is simple because the experience is so easy and simple.

Just open the app and click on ‘find driver “. Your phone’s GPS shows your current location and, through the application, you get details on the taxi that will take you and where they are in real time.

It is not necessary to pass the minutes on the phone telling the operator where you are so that you have no idea when the taxi will be turned up. It’s a customer experience example flawless surpasses the price of a product.

Another example are online casinos who are 100% oriented to offer best user experience possible, because there is a lot of competition in the online gambling world. You can often find amazing promotions and casino bonuses like this one from that gives free money to new players without requiring to deposit. They can try their casino games without risk, hoping that they will like their software and stay to play.

How to plan:

Consider each interaction point potential clients and customers have with your business. Are all contact points as fluid as possible? Otherwise, how can you improve it?

4. Facebook Live Will Become More Popular

Brand innovators are already using Facebook Live to serve ads, broadcast content and transform views in cash. Facebook Live is not a novelty, and Facebook isn’t the first to offer live video. Practically since the dawn + Google, Google offered, which is now so affectionately called YouTube Live.

Real-time and real-time media will become the highlight of any content strategy. Choose your platform and start to ride the wave!

With Facebook, a single view of 10 seconds cost several times less than a click of the website on Facebook (because it does not send a user from Facebook), making it the ideal medium to reach thousands of users targeted for much less than the other ad types.

Facebook Live allows you to interact with the fans in real-time, improve customer relationships and create a stronger community with a single camera for a smartphone.

How to plan?

Plan to do a question and answer live, a visit to the office, a significant new product or a live recording at a trade show or event your company hosts or organizes.

5. Your Business Structure Has to Change

As a freelancer, I saw a half of the structure and the culture of the business already, but I do not think that it is still quite reached its peak. Although this change is not directly related to online marketing, I think it deserves a mention because he has blossomed because of online marketing.

That is what I mean by the structure of your business needs to change? Two things:

The corporate culture

You can’t turn around these days without a new start being formed in the typical business model. This means no 9-5, square-rigged weeks and pays to Pier 40-50 hours to come work a few minutes after 9: 00.

Employees (staff) will have more choices in 2018 to work for brands and companies that meet their needs. A PWC study has found that the employees of all age groups priority flexibility in their job on the competition or promotion roles.

online recruitment

For most of you, this is not scalable to hire experts in every area of online marketing, because this is what it will cost:

You may need to help with social media a few hours a week, and it didn’t make sense to hire a new employee, so you either delegate the task to a member of the current team who does not have the correct skills, or ignore it completely.

There are more than 20 million self-employed workers (and culture) to choose on Freelancer alone, and even more Upwork.

You can hire freelancers on the basis of one per hour or per project to work for you for as little or as long as you want.

How to plan?

Talk to your employees or ask them to complete an anonymous questionnaire to find out what they like and dislike about the current corporate culture, and then work on ways to improve it in 2018.

Do you have tasks that need doing, but you’ve been put off because you can’t afford another full-time employee? Give a try outsourcing.

6. The Client Will Become Powerful

Well actually, they already have according to a Forrester report. Consumers can search for your business and find all your comments online, blogs, updates to social media, the product specifications, prices, and comments left by customers in a few seconds.

They can also find other companies like yours in a 10 km radius and compare them to find the one that best meets their needs. Consumers will be even more fickle in 2018 and a bad Web site design, a lack of updates to social media or a clear pricing plan is what it takes to turn off the power.

How to plan?

Start serving your customers better. Provide a support channel omni using traditional (telephone) and digital (live-chat) methods to better meet their needs. Give customers more ways to shop for your business, like adding items to their shopping cart online store cash.

Major retailer offer Zappos all customers free delivery and free returns. Free returns don’t look much at first, but it is estimated that 30% of all purchases of clothing online results in a rate of return of 30%.

The age of the customer, ask not what customers can do for you but what you can do for your customers.


Each year, the online marketing becomes more competitive than the previous year. 2018 will be no exception. Give yourself a head start by offering games and strategies that go with and move forward in the changes of marketing in 2018.

What do you think the biggest change in online marketing will be in 2018?

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